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Vitalik Buterin
I'm generally very impressed by llama3, but this (from 70B) is a clear phail imo.
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Leo Nasskau
I think this is an unfair hypothetical — You might assume options like these to be mutually exclusive but it’s not required, specially when you haven’t specified if it’s multi-select or what the question is Question could be “what regions is Brazil in?” for example
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Alberto Ornaghi
from what we are told at school llama3 is right. at least in Italy. we don't have the concept of geographic LATAM. we have America, divided into North America and South America. maybe because "latin" has a different meaning to us.
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yeah, I see what you're getting at, but Americas is already conventionally defined.
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flick the dev 🎩📦
I hope this clears up any confusion!
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