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Sriram Krishnan
If someone quasi technical but not fully crypto-pilled wants to start hacking/building something with base, what's a good starting point or a good project for them to try? think of the "hello world ++" you would send a friend when they want to learn some piece of tech.
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Tayyab - d/acc
The most interesting use case to hack on and see the power in a unique way is probably streaming payments. It’s simple to hack, and shows a non-speculative but novel use case.
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Can give them a simple "buy me coffee" donation onchain project - Can use this toolkit as a starting point to get off the ground quickly -
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wbnns 🔵
Definitely check out -- lots of good, get started guides there Also check out Base Camp, a free resource to learn smart contract development
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Hello world ++ thanks
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Joe Blau 🎩
Frontend • /viem • - Great for teaching you how to read/write dapps. Backend • /foundry • - Build smart contracts that you can run and test locally.
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