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licensing & copyright issues are probably one of the bigger hurdles in driving wider adoption of nfts future creators will have to opt for an independent route instead of traditional backing by a bigger company, don't know if that'll happen is anyone working on something to address licensing & copyright for nfts?
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Nounish Prof ⌐◧-◧🎩
What do you mean? Copyright works the same with digital works. In terms of licensing, I’m looking forward to seeing how Overpass works for Pudgy Penguins. They are trying to solve the licensing challenge for their holders. (holders can license their pengus back to the team for toys etc)
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Justin Hunter
We’ve thought deeply about this topic at Pinata. It’s probably not for us to build, but I (and we as a company) do see IPFS as the fundamental building block for attribution that goes along with licensing and copyright.
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My cop out answer as a potential creator is do everything CC0 and onchain. Imagine having an entirely permissionless global computer where you can directly and freely reference data and art and *not* using that as a medium. It doesn't work for all art forms but with some creativity there are many limits to be pushed.
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