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vrypan |--o--|
I often feel that farcaster apps are reluctant to link to other farcaster apps. For example, why don't web clients link to for search? @greg I think you should provide a way for result cast URLs to be formatted according to the referrer (flink, supercast, etc) so that users will go back to the client.
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Joan Westenberg
I think there's still a degree of wanting to protect your own back yard for some of the folks building on FC. And I don't necessarily think that's because they're antagonistic. I think they just don't feel ready to be fully open yet in that way.
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would be cool to see cross-app composability, i.e when Albura space starts with someone I follow, highlight this profile or channel or put into discovery, maybe @mod, @df is working on something like this? Also on the notification layer there is definitely an opportunity to enable cross pollination
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i’ll integrate searchcaster api soon 🫡 ~week away
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Edric 🎩
Makes sense. I wonder if there are any other clients that have publicly available APIs?
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