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Vitalik Buterin
Interesting to see just how much cheaper Taipei is than Singapore now. Hotels in Taipei often cost less than monthly rent of apartments with comparable floor area in SG. I expect that as SG "gets full", many other nearby places in Asia will start to benefit from lots of migrants.
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binji 🔴
The fear here is how this drives up costs for locals. What is the best way to design a Techno utopia without flooding the economic waters of the host country?
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I live in Singapore and the housing inflation has been insane. Anyone renewing their tenancy agreements this year has seen a 40–60% increase, and I know of people who’ve decided to leave the country as it was no longer worth it. Indonesia with its “digital nomad” visa is one of the beneficiaries of the exodus
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Colin Johnson 💭
@survey What will be the next big city in Asia
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Paul Millerd
How long are you in Taipei?
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If you are ever in Tainan you are welcome to come over for tea ^^
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TonyW 🎩
Are you move to taipei now?
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Joethebeast.eth 🎩🍱
Living in Taipei is perfect. However after staying ChiangMai for roughly a week I changed my mind 😅
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