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Interested in reactions of folks here to the issuance changes discussed by @caspar + @ansgar.eth. Would a reduction in yield make staking unviable for you? I'm sympathetic to the argument that allowing the staking fraction to trend ever upwards will eventually cause big problems.
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Edmund Edgar
Depends how big a reduction. Two issues for me: - whether it's worth it to bother - if I do bother but the MEV is really high compared to the protocol revenue, whether to carry on staking on my home line in Japan rather than putting it somewhere with better latency to the rest of the network (like a US datacenter)
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I fully agree with the intent of implementing a more aggressively decreasing issuance curve to target a staking ratio of 1/4 or less. Given that we’ll have likely exceeded the target ratio at the time of this incentive change, that means decreasing the yield right away. 1
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