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the hardest thing on the beginning of any given day for me is finding my stuff. this may sound stupid but looking for wallet phone house & office keys is a daily challenge because I can never remember where I put things. too absent minded & forget to look at reminder notes for putting things in a standard place
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i had the same problem it really frustrated me. Terrible way to start the day. I bought 4 air tags and put them in wallet and other places. Can get keychain as well. Solved it.
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Do you have a little bowl to empty all your important items into when you get home? (+1 on AirTag suggestion as a cope solution, but doesn’t solve underlying problem)
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i used to misplace stuff all the time & it's bc i created "homes" for my objects that weren't where i actually put them so i looked at where i naturally left things (aka my adhd piles) & set those as the new homes for all my objects by putting nice baskets & hooks there now i find my stuff like 85% of the time 😇
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Some advice I like but haven't followed too closely: Once you find the thing, put it back in the first place you looked for it. That's probably better for a screw driver than wallet though.
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I also struggle with this. I think it’s called object permanence, and I have found that having hooks for my keys and a phone stand where I put my wallet has helped be quite a bit. Then I atleast know the first place to look 👀 🔑
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