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I just got off a call with a top 5 band artist manager. Manager says: - “I’m so excited about the tech, but getting the band interested in crypto is like dragging a horse to water. How do I approach explaining it to them?” - What would you say?
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Cameron Armstrong
Tell em it’s not about the tech It’s about getting them as close as possible to their fans again In the early days, the band worked the merch stand and met every single fan buying stuff Then they got big and people handled all that The new band tech stack lets them recreate that magic except at stadium scale
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What @cameron says It’s about the possibilities for building a tighter relationship with your fans, and creating an opportunity to reward your earliest supporters
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Yeah the tech is cool and all that but this is where music nfts have failed time and again to make their point. The bigger selling "music nft" projects all have had huge experiences beyond just the "tech aspect" but everyone keeps pushing this wild narrative . Something something the definition of insanity
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