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Matt Lee
I experienced a lot of boredom yesterday and it was actually terrifying. I have one precious life and one chance to live this day or experience this moment, yet I couldn't motivate myself to do something meaningful with my time. Not how today's gonna go.
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how many days do you explicitly remember now? Allow yourself to have unmemorable days, there’s so many of them
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Kazi ⚔️
I want you to do something for me. Write a to-do list. Keep yourself accountable by posting it. Then post it again at the end of the day.
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Brais.eth (🥝) pfp
Brais.eth (🥝)
To enjoy boredom is a master skill. Remember that you don't have to produce something beautiful everyday. September could be a hard month, but don't be seduced or amazed by other's plans. We don't have to be ready, available or producing 24/7. DM if you need to talk further ❤️
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Luke — p/sport
the worst feeling is not having anything to do imo
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