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Linda Xie
We have $42k+ in community bounties posted so far for @base's Onchain Summer Buildathon running May 31 - June 30 from @privy @airstack @dynamic @xmtp @biconomy @crossmint @maikaisogawa @joalavedra + many more coming! You can browse Buildathon community bounties here
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If you ever need a designer for your visuals, let me know Linda 😊
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proxy βšͺ️ studio 🎩
@saxenasaheb.eth /bounties & /poidh should be one of the verticals we build around for /summercamp permissionless collaboration on @base is a nice, open concept and would be great to get more users, devs and creators engaged with these projects
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Matthew Fox
Categorically large
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Manu Williams πŸŽ©πŸ’ŽπŸ–πŸ«‚
@dominosmusic @chriscocreated
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Fernando Fragoso 🎩
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