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Introducing: WalletGuide and WalletConnect Certified ⭐ The ultimate directory showcasing wallets adhering to the industry's highest UX standards. Launching this September. All qualifying wallets will be awarded the "WalletConnect Certified" gold badge :star:️ for excelling in adoption and implementation of the latest UX standards. We’re proud to launch Season 1 with our partners: @metamask @trustwalletapp @krakenweb3 @ledgerofficial Magic Eden @1inchnetwork @okxofficial (@okx-web3) Binance Web3 Wallet @safe @bybitexchange @zerion.eth SafePal @tpwallet @timeless & @exoduswallet Join us tomorrow for a Space on X with our partners as we discuss WalletConnect Certified and how we’re pushing the boundaries of wallet usability for the new internet. Set your reminders 🔔
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I think Onekey and Rabby also did well on the Crypto Wallet UX design.
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