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Varun Srinivasan
Picked up this book hoping it would be the equivalent of "Designing Data-Intensive Applications" for React. Was disappointed - 80% of it was beginner stuff, maybe 20% was intermediate. You'll figure out most of this on your own by the time you hit 10k users. It's a good beginner book, but not what I was hoping for.
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Interested to hear what would be topics at the level you're discussing. My guess would be performance, GC stuff, microtask fiddling, etc.
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Overwhelming amount of react content is beginner focused. Do love addy osmani though.
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I don't know if you're documenting your process as you build, but there would clearly be great value in publishing your experience with React
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Taye 🎩🔵 👽⛏️
Probably exactly what I was looking for to get started on my journey. Thanks for the share V.
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