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typeof.eth 🔵 pfp
typeof.eth 🔵
I'm migrating an npm monorepo to pnpm and I'm realizing that my dependency graph was all sorts of messed up. pnpm forces you to be explicit about all package deps, and even though it's kinda annoying to migrate, I think I'm gonna like that way more than npm's lax rules
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Darryl Yeo 🛠️ pfp
Darryl Yeo 🛠️
I default to pnpm for everything now and haven’t looked back. It’s fast and deterministic. The YAML-based lockfile is great for source control too.
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behkod.eth 🎩📚🧑‍💻 pfp
behkod.eth 🎩📚🧑‍💻
pnpm is waaaaay better alternative. never regretted
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