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Dan Romero
Welcome to @cdixon.eth, a multi-time founder and GP at a16z crypto. I've known Chris for a decade and he was one of the first investors to get crypto. He also just released his new book "Read Write Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet". He’s kindly agreed to do an AMA. Reply with your questions. :)
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Is your book worth reading for a crypto user?
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Chris Dixon
You mean someone who already well informed on the topic? I hope so :) I think sections that would be the most interesting: 1) part 1 (internet history), 2) part 3: detailed walkthrough of benefits of blockchains (even if you know them, I hope I provide new frameworks and ways to explain them), 3) part 5: future apps
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3 chapters in and so far I would say absolutely. Though we may have a lot of the background knowledge, this particular articulation + framing is fantastic for someone that want's to be able to have well-reasoned conversations about this stuff
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