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💜 THE FARCASTER ELITE 💜 Who are WORDCEL ELITES @dwr.eth is talking about? -> @openrank TOP Score users are these people This ELITE WORDCELS are few people get a lot of attention because they are really good at using words. I explained you how to find with this Dune Dashboard -> You can ask them if they consider themselves FARCASTER ELITE - From USA Coastal Cities - English speakers who know how to make jokes - Tech people with connections @jessepollak @v @dwr.eth @greg @phil @coopahtroopa.eth @wake.eth @ted @jrf @nonlinear.eth @linda @horsefacts.eth @giu @kyle @mikedemarais.eth @zachterrell @fiveoutofnine.eth @lsankar.eth @wilsoncusack @lefteris.eth @typedarray.eth @eulerlagrange.eth @maurelian.eth
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