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One mistake I made when starting the nomad journey was bringing too much stuff with me. I didn't need 3 containers of floss or all these Qtips You can buy almost anything you need Only thing I had trouble buying was stick deodorant in Brazil I ended up wearing women's stick Deodorant because it's all I could find
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I buy my floss sticks at home because nowhere else is the same quality (always off/worse). Same with deodorant, some countries have strict rules for what’s allowed (for the better), so ie in Japan all deodorant don’t work on me (but safer for health). So I bring those :)
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Yeah I think we all made that mistake when we got started 😅 I feel we all have this fear “I won’t be able to buy that anywhere else” lol… then one day you realize you can buy pretty much anything you need anywhere (and depending on your location, for much cheaper!).
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