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Story Protocol is dear to my heart β€” you could describe it as a hyperstructure for making composable creative works. The terms of securing rights on a work are clear and preserve attribution, so any downstream monetization can trickle upstream properly. https://twitter.com/StoryProtocol/status/1699411637244158037
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i read through but can you eli5?
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This reminds me a little bit of Adim, which @smc90 talked about on her podcast a while back.
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Now we're talking! Thx for the heads up on this @eddy, gonna get my head around the protocol design here...if anything needed an update, it's the IP related "jelly" of yester-year Connecting this project's design to the ideas laid out in your fabulous "Protocol Design" lecture at CSS will be a good mental exercise.
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ebz πŸŠπŸ‘¨β€πŸ³πŸ€–
Excited to use it!
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Mac Budkowski (πŸ₯,πŸ₯„)
Great to see it happening. When I spent a few weeks nerding on bottom-up IP creation (linkrel) I thought the value could be accrued via NFTs but a separate tool is even better. Fingers crossed! https://kanfa.macbudkowski.com/ip-protocols-part-1
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Could you share a bit how does such valuation and investment size is reached? it is some quality of the industry, that requires a pool of liquidity to purchase up existing IPs to bootstrap the protocol or something else? Curious to know if you are eligible to share, thank you!
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