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what is the best way to find all cool nouns merch that is currently available for sale?
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Tudor 🟣🟡 Engineer to fCTO
I know @bigshotklim has some merch and was hoping had some links, but my memory failed me.
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leoclark.⌐◨-◨ ᖽ🎩
/nounsfactory has a list of stores on the Nouns page that we update from time to time: Pretty simple to update it, obv. Just let us know if we are missing something or you have any suggestions.
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We're finalizing our Nouns Eyeglasses Proposal and we shall have everything set soon. I guess you'll love our Lunouns Eyeglasses , we could even arrange to get you to try out if you're open to it . Here's our Founder @merchdao rocking them in Paris
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