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Dan Romero
Welcome to @cdixon.eth, a multi-time founder and GP at a16z crypto. I've known Chris for a decade and he was one of the first investors to get crypto. He also just released his new book "Read Write Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet". He’s kindly agreed to do an AMA. Reply with your questions. :)
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How can we make purchasing this book with crypto/USDC happen? @jessepollak @barmstrong @coinbase commerce?
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Chris Dixon
working on it... hoping to do it with frames :)
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Jesse Pollak 🔵
we would love to help you do this - DM'd you!
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Syed Shah🏴‍☠️🌊
We did it with Girl Scout cookies I’m convinced we can do it with your book. Even an eBook. Maybe as an NFT so I can read it and…own it. Coinbase Commerce means my $Degen will work right? @jessepollak
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