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William Allen
Is the desire for e2e/zero knowledge encryption (Skiff, Proton, Signal etc) a stated preference with a much smaller TAM vs the revealed preference of 'just good enough' or 'the devs will add it later' encryption?
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Cassie Heart
Part of the stated vs revealed preference of E2EE, ZK, MPC, and other cryptographic approaches, hell, even cryptocurrencies, is that the value delivered has to be greater than the investment. With Signal, a lot of heavy lifting is done to make it as usable as possible, and even then, there are still rough edges.
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Giuliano Giacaglia
I wonder how the FBI gets access to signal messages though if itโ€™s truly encrypted. One example is Tucker and his planned meeting with Putin.
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Justin Hunter
My info is four years out of date, but when I was working on Graphite Docs, it was a revealed preference but for a very small TAM.
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