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Base Name Service (BNS) 🛡️
Base Name Service is open for everyone on Mainnet - the gateway to Web3 naming (.base) for the next billion+ users on Base. Get ready to stake your claim in the onchain realm! BNS:
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how are you still promoting it as mainnet when you are selling ENS subdomain, in name of Base. Parent domain (dotbase.eth) will expire in less than a year, arent you afriad of getting sued, charging 10 USD which cost nothing, using base name and similar logo
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JackJack.base ⌐◨-◨
Hi WebOfTrust, It is JackJack, founder of Base Name Service. We are native name service on Base. For each .base name registration on Base, we give additional ENS subdomain as a special gift to our users. Also, we are going to extend the ENS name that we own. Very Respectfully, JackJack
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