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I was very surprised to see that the libp2p community is not aware of Farcaster. Farcaster is about EVM as much as it is about libp2p. I'm trying to make some inroads, but if anyone can onboard the ipfs/libp2p community, I think they will feel at home.
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Dan Romero
I think there is a lot of connectivity into BlueSky.
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Mac Budkowski 🥝
💯 Tim had a talk at the libp2p conference here about using their library for @kiwi and mentioned Farcaster btw :)
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Boris Mann
The entire IPFS/Filecoin/libp2p folks are mostly not very plugged into web3 anything. Great engineers, very few social shitposters. And yeah, I onboarded a lot of them to BlueSky. I’m telling them not to sleep on FC, but very few people have the fortitude to bounce between 4+ networks right now 😅
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Nandit Mehra
We will onboard some from ipfs/filecoin community at
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