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Vitalik Buterin
There is nothing "ZK" about ZKasino except that it lives on zksync, correct? I guess we have to adapt; even "ZK" is now a mainstream-enough buzzword that full-on scammers are adopting it.
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That lot are a criminal enterprise.
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Jeff Lau
I wonder if you had an effect on this!
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They were right about the core principal 'zero knowledge' since users had zero knowledge about getting rugged.
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It’s not even on zkSync, it was on arbitrum
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behkod.eth 🎩📚🧑‍💻
But I've cooked a ZKebab
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Miguelgarest 🎩🐹
Scammers adapt, they are dedicated to learn whatever is necessary to keep on scamming. Unfortunate of course
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sike.eth 🎩🆓
hate that name. 100 $degen
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Never Famous Artists🎩🫂
Just like everyone is adding "AI" to everything
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developer.degen.eth 🎩
What's your favourite ZK usecase?
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nomash 🍪
Yea but there’s nothing nut about a peanut apart from it looks like one I would argue having ZK in the name is a valid way to help users identify its position in the ecosystem and distinguish it from competitors on other chains. I am not advocating for the product, just giving my opinion on the name
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Yea insanity, scammers will attach to anything though.
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proxy ⚪️ studio 🎩
its been that way for some time, if I see "zk" in a token name I assume its a scam
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it's a shame. because one can see why a succinctly provable collection of zero-sum games would be appealing. tbqh, not the only project on zksync w/ ethical problems
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Agree with you..Scammers have Zero knowledge of what they are talking about
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Next is “depin”
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sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /
Well, they have zero-knowledge about contracts but full-knowledge about scamming people.
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Exactly, Zk is now part of this buzz word that some company put just to attract more people
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It wasn’t even on zksync, was on Arbitrum
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