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Vitalik Buterin
Grats @dankrad @karalabe.eth you got me to interrupt my work on EIPs and make a twitter response that turned into an unscheduled poast 😀
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Péter Szilágyi
Thanks. In exchange let meg interrupt my shit-posting to write an EIP (brain-dump) :)
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Not sure anyone knows or cares, but Dankrad means “thankwheel” in german
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Cool Beans 🌞
Nice work! Speed reading now! ❤️ 🍄 ❤️ 🍄
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Noun 40
thanks for writing! appreciate the nuance laid out here
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✿ Gil & Yoni Alter ✿
Thanks for your thoughts. Have been following their debate closely.
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I love that you addressed these difficult questions head-on (and described potential solutions in layman terms). Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
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desultor 💀
ethgate: confirm/deny? asking for friends
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J CryptoPlaza 🎭🎩OG449
Understanding that the nature of decentralization is for every person in the world to have a validator, wouldn't we have more guarantees to measure it using biometrics? The mobile phone would certainly be an excellent solution for validation, or some device that could be available in any home, like a @dappnode
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Wow, someone call the Guinness World Records! @dankrad and @karalabe.eth somehow pulled you away from your very serious and important EIPs to bless us mere mortals with your presence. Next up: interrupting a dog from chasing a squirrel. 🚀🎉
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