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Tom Beck
Lately, I've been thinking a lot about writing pace. Much writing advice boils down to the same idea: go fast. But pace, like voice, is individualized. We unconsciously inherit a pace (usually set by a platform or a publisher), but reconsidering how quickly or slowly we write might unlock our best work.
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Danica Swanson
Insightful piece. I agree that pace, scope, and setting are under-explored in writing advice. "What is the right pace that keeps you in that room? [...] You will spend your life in the room, either way." Important point! I love that you mentioned that Ventura essay, which I thoroughly appreciate. 34 $DEGEN for you.
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Appreciate you for opening up this conversation! I’ve always struggled with pace of writing. As a self-taught, WHF freelancer, I’ve never had much experience in the way of seeing and knowing how colleagues write, how fast they finish a piece, how long it takes them to edit.
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