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Dan Romero
Welcome to @elad, a multi-time founder and a prolific angel investor. You can learn more about him here: He’s kindly agreed to do an AMA. Reply with your questions. :)
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Todd Goldberg
Hey @elad! Have immense respect for how you operate as an angel investor. 2 questions: 1/ What would you say are 2-3 things that have helped you the most to pick winning companies at the earliest stages? 2/ If you had to identify the top 2-3 traits in the strongest founders you’ve backed, what would they be? 🙏
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1/ Product market matters more then founders (I say this as a two time founder myself!). So what are you building for whom, and do they care? 2/ Smart, driven, ethical and need at least 1 person who is great at selling (employees to join, customers, funding) and >=1 who can build technically.
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