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Adam Miller 🎩
Anyone seen a good summary of FIT21? Somewhere in between “it’s good” and having to read 484 pages?
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Adam Snyder
The Financial Services Committee issued a press release that provides a decent high-level summary.,jurisdiction%20and%20the%20CFTC's%20jurisdiction.
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I like this recent update from @caphillcrypto that has a nice summary midway through
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It's been mentioned elsewhere, but this summary by @a16zcrypto is quite good.
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George Leonardo
If you have a Messari account, best summary I've done is there: It's in a table format and includes side x side comp to Lummis-Gillibrand. You have to download the PDF to see the full summary/table. (Note this was done pre last week's draft).
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Just listened to the @bankless episode w/ rep McHenry and thought the same thing. I want the details to these decentralization tests the walk your from Security to Commodity land and want concrete examples of how you can migrate from one to the other as a project grows
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Nounish Prof ⌐◧-◧🎩
@standwithcrypto has some good info
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