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Adam Miller 🎩
I have been completely unable to get hooked on any video games lately. Any suggestions? My preference: - RPG/MMPORPG - Beautiful 3D worlds/graphics - Not *too* complicated gameplay - Great story where I can really feel empathy for my/the characters Have recently enjoyed Starfield, Genshin Impact, Destiny 2, Diablo…
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Bruh and you still haven't played BG3 smh @danilpan @endureandsurvive.eth @benna @clt
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The Outer Worlds might be good for you! I enjoyed it quite a bit myself!
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RDR2 is still incredible 6+ years later. Most engaging story of any game I've played, and it's one of the most beautiful and varied worlds to spend time in. Honorable mention to the Horizon games, another string contender. Have fun whatever you end up playing!
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Dara Khan
Super Mario RPG Earthbound Chronotrigger Reject modernity embrace the classics
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Its not 3d worlds necessarily but have you considered trying the older games out there? FF14 comes to mind as well
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