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Dan Romero
Welcome to @toly, co-founder of Solana! 
 He’s kindly agreed to do an AMA. Reply with your questions. :)
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What's your vision for the crypto/web3/blockchain industry over the next 7-10 years? By 2030: - definition of "success"? - biggest use cases and rough market share of each use case / vertical? - culture of the industry?
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Anatoly Yakovenko
1. a bunch of consumers use a web3 app 2. no clue on share, but payments, then maybe something like depin/helium 3. I think last cycle was the transition from cypherpunks to hoodies, and this one will be hoodies to suits :)
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Growth + UX improvements to the point that there stops being a web3 industry and we fragment into just building privacy preserving autonomous tech in healthcare, finance, social, retail, etc.
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