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Li Jin
This Friday at 3pm ET, I’m hosting an AMA with @eugene in this channel! He’s an incisive student of tech, authoring classics like Status as a Service and Seeing like an Algorithm. Ask him about social networks, consumer product, and insights from his years as a product exec at Oculus, Hulu, and Flipboard!
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Spencer Graham 🧢
I'm not always a media thinkboi, but when I am, I think a lot about status as a service And no exception here, where the relative status dynamics vs. twitter have been fascinating to watch Based on your current knowledge of farcaster, what would you say are the primary drivers of differential status here?
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Eugene Wei
I haven't spent a ton of time here yet (I plan to), but the fact that this seems to have strong penetration among the crypto community makes it feel more focused, like a subreddit.
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