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Shawki Sukkar
which way should i go?
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Cassie Heart
left, JavaScript is for now, Lisp is for life
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I thought you were the author, and y’all were comparing which design was better for the cover of your book. This is what happens when non-technical people walk by you. cc designers.
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nintynick 🧢
Depends on your learning style / motivation profile Lisp for fundamentals, if you’re a researcher archetype or driven by thirst for knowledge or complex (beautiful) systems Js if you want to build shit, and are the type of person who thrives on having the thing you made in your hand
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Left one with racket (#lang sicp) instead of scheme
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Christopher Wallace
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I'm actually pretty curious about the adaptation of this classic into Javascript.
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Agost Biro
Scheme all the way with Dr Racket in SICP mode as editor unless you’re an Emacs pro: The simplicity of the language is part of the magic
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Ernesto Ojeda
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Jeff Feiwell
JS bc you know it and this book isn't about learning a language
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