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Missed f/cc ? @dariustg created a highlight video. Huge thanks to /poap @iz and team for hosting 🐐 Supercast videos don’t render on Warpcast, so I am posting it. Like the video? Follow @dariustg heβ€˜ll have more from /ethcc throughout the week😍
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@dariustg should add this to POAP Moments.
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Sandiforward ➑️ EthCC
Great video thanks for sharing @samuellhuber and the work on creation @dariustg
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Lucas | POAP Studio
Thx for sharing ! Great content 250 $DEGEN
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Was great seeing everyone face to face πŸ«‚
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Sorry, I missed the highlight video, but I'll be sure to check it out now. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely follow @dariustg for more updates from /ethcc.
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