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Something I noticed visiting a few companies w/ more than 250+ ppl: - Meetings with a lot of people (more than 10 but not an all hands) - Why do they all need to be here? - Why do many of them look so uncomfortable / don't want to be here? - How does this end up happening? - Wtf?
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Let's say you have 10 people in an hour long meeting, 7 of which don't want (or need) to be there, with no authority to exit*. On conservative base salary rates, thats maybe $1K just raw cost for that group to meet. Perhaps only 3 people needed to be there, yet 7 more get loaded in "because optics (?)" or worse. So we spent $1K to get $300 of possible "meeting value"...but it's worse, because the effectiveness of what that 3 are doing with 7 dead-weights drags it down further. Add 10 people, when you needed 3 at most. $1K → ~$150 x3-6 p/day, after day, after day Borg inertia of doom. __ (*) Alternative (uncommon) realities. In contrast, the McCarthy protocol: - <Pass> allows any individual to leave a meeting if they feel they cannot contribute positively or are not gaining value from the discussion. and - <Check-Out> If you decide that you need to leave a meeting, you should explicitly declare your intention by saying, “I am checking out.” ← no explanation required. via @yeoro.eth
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