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Michael Pfister
pretty cool how you can sort people on jam.so based on so many different factors, like who has liked the most casts across all time. assuming that it takes an average of 250ms to like a cat, this means @dwr has spent ~3.5 hours smashing that like button across 50,222 posts. https://i.imgur.com/YljHaTO.png
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Dan Romero
can't decide on what meme to respond with https://i.imgur.com/P86w8F7.jpg
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what about GMs given
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Jason Goldberg
Let me know what other slices you’d like to see
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j4ck is onchain
cmon Mike i'm #4 one more profile in the screenshot i click a lot too ok Mike 😩 https://i.imgur.com/h65SvyR.png
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