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gm for the next stream of consciousness on unlonely, we’re trying a new format: welcoming others to read beforehand then discuss a study of the ethical dilemma of responsibility in LLMs. if you’re interested, reach out to @sam or me for a pdf of the study and for logistics https://is.gd/hokuqu
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🍍Syed Shah 🏴‍☠️🌊
Interesting. I’ve recent taken the position that there is no ethical dilemma. Political manipulation was rampant with big data and LLM just encourages critical thinking. Also no danger with super AI since all roads lead to roam, just like how humanity has gotten more peaceful, super AI will self improve to peaceful.
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would love a pdf of study + logistics 🙏
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Branksy Pop
I have some opinions about this, mostly that there are other more urgent ethical issues than those that are lobbied for (copyright and regulation) Like : engine transparency on its biases, "moral" censosrships choices applied, models used and equal right to access to AI for all.
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