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Jason Goldberg
I woke up this morning in Tokyo to 2 casts from @dwr.eth regarding future of Farcaster As a developer building on Farcaster, I found them to be a bit contradictory, unsettling, & overly defeatist. Farcaster has been building a solid foundation for a strong future. That future is dependent on app... longcast.jam.so/jjcJMh
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fwiw I think some of this is asking too much of the Merkle team, specifically “Dan, Varun and team should post regularly from Jam and Discove and other FC apps, actively promote them” “WC team pledge not to introduce any new features that are not available in the protocol”
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timdaub 🥝
Yeah, I think actually WC, Discove and Jam should fiercely compete but come together to govern FC protocol.
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Why couldn't there simply be core dev contributors who can access grants or funding similar to Bitcoin core devs?
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