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To anyone who set their alarms for our GM Farcaster morning show, we're unable to stream today due to computer malfunction!! @nounishprof and I might try to do an ad-hoc afternoon stream, otherwise we'll be back Wednesday morning. Thanks for the support while we figure it out
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Karo K
Do you want to stream on my platform but I’ll google meets you guys in? I can just mute myself and share you guys chatting!
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Nounish Professor ⌐◧-◧
Thanks so much!! I now have a brand new computer so I’m hopeful I can have it all set up for Wednesday. I’ll run a test tonight or tomorrow 🤞 and ideally we’ll get all hosts set up to stream but was taking this one step at a time thinking I wouldn’t need a back up plan yet 🤦‍♀️
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