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Let’s say you find a serious security/privacy flaw in an app and email the team about it. How long are you supposed to wait for confirmation of receipt/fix before you go public with it and start ringing the alarm bells? Also, should you be eligible for a bug bounty even if they don’t have a bug bounty program?
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Alex Palmer
Unwise to go public with specifics, I think. White hat folks seem to ring alarm bells if the timeline is egregious, rarely with specific details. From folks I know, most orgs respond within days. Curious if @cassie could weigh in?
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Ignas Peciura
We never had an official bug bounty in our companies, but we always acknowledged bug/vulnerabilities reports withing 24 hours (usually sooner) and if proven an actual bug/vulnerability I would agree on a payment for the reporting the bug. So I would say 24 hours?
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