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I'm going to pay you to save Gas using Gas Blaster. ⛽ 🚀 10 USDC: Scan your repo, cast me your thoughts. 0xmacro.com/gas-blaster 50 USDC: Cast a screenshot of the Preview Page that shows how much Gas you could save. 100 USDC: Make a PR in your repo to save Gas, cast me proof. @bountycaster
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MetaEnd.degen — 🎩🤖/dau
scanned https://github.com/mintworldgame/contracts posted screenshot: https://www.supercast.xyz/c/0x2cd6e346eab24bbf48f35954d38c6d485d7a79f1 it's a very cool idea, and we will check for some optimizations (Although it's not as severe because L2 deployment)
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