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Mantej Rajpal ↑
This was so nostalgic of my Pokémon days 😄 I remember my first time catching all 151 was when Yellow version came out And yes, of course I caught all 10 (mantej.eth)
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Toady Hawk 🟡🎩 ᖽ
Thanks for supporting @ilustradoraeth and The Yellow Collective by minting. You will soon be airdropped this “BFF Full Set Collector’s Edition” (may have some use for future Yellow drops 👀) + I will return & tip you 1000 degen Friday!
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Pichi 🎩🌸🍖🐹🍡
🎇 thanks for minting the tiny blue dinosaur eating base cookies with a tiny deployer and letting me test the money gun! @mantej.eth 1099 $degen
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