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Li Jin
This Friday at 3pm ET, I’m hosting an AMA with @eugene in this channel! He’s an incisive student of tech, authoring classics like Status as a Service and Seeing like an Algorithm. Ask him about social networks, consumer product, and insights from his years as a product exec at Oculus, Hulu, and Flipboard!
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greys ↑
Hi @eugene , thank you for this. You mention in Status as a Service. > People seek out the most efficient path to maximizing social capital. Do you think society is fragmented much more in this "path of efficiency", where some seek status from desperate paths unknowingly to maximize social capital, or other ways?
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Eugene Wei
I'm not sure if I fully grok this, but society certainly has many more different status ladders today than it once did. The internet certainly sped this up by allowing more status ladders to gain scale and thus to be ladders people are willing to try to climb.
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