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Jared Hecht
I want someone to build a Frame that pulls on an open database of chess tactics and cycles through them as a user completes them. A user should be able to complete them by inputting (somehow, maybe selecting?) the best next move. 0.5 ETH @bountybot
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Bounty Bot
Confirmed! On your bounty page, you can pay users and view their bounty completion history 🤖 commands - @bountybot cancel - @bountybot in progress - @bountybot complete (optional: tag winners) - @bountybot shoutout
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dalresin.degen.eth 🐝
Something like this? P.S Still work in progress, waiting for your instructions. https://conspiracy-reflection-disease-rom.trycloudflare.com
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Linda Xie
cc @datadanne.eth in case interested since overlaps a bit with what you're building
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