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My six-month longevity gene therapy results are in... In Sept 2023, I traveled to Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras, to receive follistatin gene therapy. Humans currently have a max lifespan of roughly 120 years. However gene therapies have the potential to help break through that barrier. Follistatin gene therapy ranks 7th among lifespan studies, extending mouse lifespan by over 30%. My 71-year-old father also received the gene therapy. He’s awaiting his six month results. My longevity gene therapy results: + My speed of aging has dropped to 0.64 (a personal best). I now celebrate my birthday every 19 months. + My muscle mass is up by 7% (already in the 99th percentile) + My follistatin levels increased by 160% (2 weeks post-injection) Sleep, diet, and exercise remain foundational. These next-generation therapies further bolster our chances of being the first generation that has the choice of saying yes to continuous tomorrows. Full video
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Very interested in your fathers results over time, as they could provide some signal sooner. Caveat N of 1
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