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I translated and explained in /spanish what @dwr.eth casted about "Language Elites" 💜I think is also useful to explain to NON WORDCEL ELITES :)💜 On social networks like Twitter, a few people get a lot of attention because they are really good at using words. Most people get a little attention, but these "wordcels" (people who are very good with words) get a lot. AI Translation tools are good for simple conversations. However, they usually can't understand or translate jokes and special language that only close friends understand. People who use Twitter in other languages don't interact much with people who use Twitter in English all the time. English-speaking users who are always online are mostly from big cities on the coasts of USA => FRIENDS => ELITES Instead of trying to become popular with words like on Twitter, try something different. Use a different app and focus on sharing pictures and videos, which might be easier and reach different people. @drakula @farfantasy @supercast etc
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