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Hey @nouncil I'd like to suggest that you improve how you put up proposals: This prop says nothing about the thinking behind it, why basically disabling the fork makes sense to you, who are some point people to discuss this with, etc.
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I agree with you. I actually missed this vote because I was afk busy with some things and I'm actually confused how it came to be or why it passed. I don't support raising the threshold that high, as it would make the fork useless as minority protection.
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whoever submitted the poll that passed for Nouncil to submit a proposal didn’t bother to actually write the proposal after ~2 weeks, this got put forward for the sake of keeping the machine moving and fulfilling our obligations to ourselves not a good look though
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disagree that parameter change props *need* to campaign on chain. bikeshedding the threshold % is a pretty mind-numbing exercise I think we can all agree tho if interested in helping shape nouncil governance it’s easy enough to get skin in the game 🙏
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