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Nouns Governor design challenge We found a bad attack vector, and don't love any of the mitigations. Please read and help us be smarter! ( starts tomorrow morning)
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another q is whether to reframe the problem to include proposal spamming, which currently *is* exacerbated by permissionless swapping. I suppose depends whether part of the intended purpose of constraining a noun’s proposal rate is to constrain the owner’s proposal rate, or just to limit total simultaneous props
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hard one. how important is preserving stale delegations (after a noun has been transferred)? same attack vector exists with nouns on nft exchanges right?
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At a glance, creating off-chain proofs seems like the best approach to me. As the protocol grows, calculation voting power will only grow in complexity. Improving the governor to work with various strategies. i.e - 1 NOUN = 1 VOTE - 500,000 $NOUNS = 0.5 VOTE/s - ve/stNOUNS = ?? VOTES/s Would be cool.
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