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Dan Romero
Two of the most successful crypto companies of the last two cycles were Coinbase and OpenSea. Both stuck to the original mission / vision through the bear market and became overnight successes because of the multi-year investment in core infrastructure. https://twitter.com/john_c_palmer/status/1661893420028252160
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Ian Place
I don’t know if I’d say opensea was one of the bigger winners from the last cycle. Coinbase was already dominant too, if anything I’d say Moonpay blew up more than most last cycle.
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💯 Alex of OpenSea once told me that they bet on NFTs and knew that their marketplace would succeed or fail on that bet. They stuck with it as competition pivoted.
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Shriphani Palakodety
do you think any of these are likely to enter the FAANG category - part of daily life for a lot of Americans?
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