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Li Jin
This Friday at 3pm ET, I’m hosting an AMA with @eugene in this channel! He’s an incisive student of tech, authoring classics like Status as a Service and Seeing like an Algorithm. Ask him about social networks, consumer product, and insights from his years as a product exec at Oculus, Hulu, and Flipboard!
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Devon H. Dolan 🎩🔵🍖
Favorite film of ‘23 and the one you’re most anticipating this year? For those who don’t know, @eugene is a cinephile with impeccable taste :)
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Eugene Wei
'23 was a strong but not great year for movies. The ones I think back on most are Poor Things, Past Lives, Hit Man, and The Killer. '24 I'm looking forward to Dune 2, Mickey 17, Resurrection by Bi Gan, Chime by Kurosawa, Spectateurs by Desplechin, Megalopolis, Me, Weapons, Wolfs, among many others
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