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danil pan
I have like 600 or so RARE to tip! Share your favorite Superrare artwork you’ve ever created or collected. I wanna hear why it’s so important to you. Can just be image, or add link, it doesn’t matter. Will tip my fave!
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Shoneec 🎩
Yo Danil! It's definitely my genesis piece "Infinite Introspection" A 3+ minute long audio-visual work about artists struggles, that I minted over a year ago. It took me about a year to finish from start to end.
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💙🧡 10 $rare
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Лапы 🦊 хуѩпы
First minted on KO, then re-minted into diff wallet, then moved to SR and decided to let the man be It was 2 years before Alexey’s tortureous inprisonment led to his death and people started asking to canonise him as Orthodox martyr
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