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Danica Swanson
It’s an honor to be welcomed “…for strength of slowcore spirit.” Thanks so much, @slowcrypto. Happy to see slow culture gaining traction on FC… slowly, and of its own accord. From the info page for this NFT: “Shining Examples are earned and not bought.” Proof of work + leisure? 😄 ⌛ 🐢 💜
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_slow_crypto 🌅⏳🪁
You betcha! Long term composable project on ETH L1 that'll have more interaction possibilities over time. For now we're friending and testing on the L2s. Fast, done slowly. Summary: you're part of the club of people I've found doing excellent, kind things on the internet and I mean to hat tip y'all artistically.
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love it. we need more slowing down and less accelerating everything. So well deserved recognition! 🤗
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